Past Projects

34 Travel Centre, Eagleby

Development of Travel Centre and Fast Food Precinct.

The Project:

Southbound Exit 34 off the M1

This 2.5ha site was acquired by Capital Transactions in September 2015.

Located on the southbound Exit 34 off the M1, 34 Travel Centre provides arguably the easiest access and egress for commuters travelling the M1.

Pre-commitments by Caltex, McDonalds, KFC and Origin Kebabs saw stage 1 of the project fully leased.

Construction commenced in January 2017 with the retailers opening for business in October 2017. Twelve months later, Carls Jnr & Zarraffa’s Coffee joined, and the Centre opened for trade.

The ease and convenience of access to and strength of retailers at 34 Travel Centre has proved a hit with commuters and the 34 Travel Centre in a few short months has become a regular for travellers along the M1.

All projects to date have been sold “Under the Hammer” at auctions.

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